Request for information

If you require information about SAIL and our research, please contact Ahmed E. Hassan, the lab head by sending email to mail .

Joining SAIL

SAIL has several open research positions for Postdoctoral fellows, Research Assistants, Master's, PhD, and Summer students. Members of SAIL continuously investigate practical tools and techniques to help practitioners produce and maintain reliable software systems and infrastructures. Recruited researchers are expected to handle a great deal of independence and individual initiative with an interest in creating industrially relevant techniques. The ideal researchers should have good programming (e.g., Perl, Java, C++) and communication skills. Some practical industrial experience is desired but not needed. For examples of recent work, refer to our Publications.

Applications should be sent to the lab head (see email address above). When sending an application, make sure you include:

  1. Your resume
  2. Your most recent transcript
  3. When you plan on starting
  4. A short research statement where you explain your research interests and describe how they relate to some of the work done at SAIL (see our Publications). This statement will drastically increase the success chances of your application.

Refer to this page for additional advice to help ensure that we review your application. Also review the School of Computing's webpage for additional information about the admission requirements for the various graduate programs offered by the School. For information about Kingston refer to this page. For various information about the graduate program refer to this page.